Harel Financial Services

Harel Finance is a subsidiary of a leading insurance company, rendering its finance services to hundreds of thousands customers.
Harel acts as the finance branch of Harel Investments, an Israeli publicly traded company which manages assets around 16 billion Shekels, with more than 200 employees.
The Company renders all types of finance services using many professional tools for companies and privet customers.
Mr. Dan Gonen, the CEO: “We faced many challenges and wanted to convert the company into a paperless organization, reduce the operation costs and the office space, and improve our services and the availability of functional knowledge to the decision makers and to the customers. In addition we had to comply with the regulations set by the control authorities”.
“We carefully checked and analyzed all the options, and found the DOX-Pro to be the optimal solution that combines flexible and advanced technology, quick implementation and a competitive price. Thus, we achieved the ROI in less than a year”.
“The system provided us with many more benefits like better managing of our processes, better transfer of documents to different entities in the company and better communication with the many bank branches, customers and suppliers. The fast data retrieval and quick customer service improved our competitive position in the market”.

The solution

The integrator of ECM manager: “Our customers confronted us with challenges regarding the establishment of a huge knowledge base, with hundreds of thousands of documents of different types, fit to each department’s requirements and in a very short period (few months). The reason of our success was the flexibility of the product and the ability to cover various demands of some 20 departments.
Based on the technology of DOX-Pro and the clever wizards included in the product, we gained the ability to launch the system in a pretty short time, and achieve remarkably quick ROI. Our finance product’s users report to us of their high satisfaction, ease of use, better customer service, high availability and wider service options.
Our users testify that they plan to add additional sections of the processes and expect to gain more benefits”.

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