Colmobil – Car importer

Colmobil is the leading cars and tracks importer to Israel (Hyundai, Mercedes, and Mitsubishi).

Colmobil has 10 logistics and service locations in Israel. The company employees more than 2,000 people.

Colmobil has implemented full fledged ERP (SAP) in the entire organization. They were also looking for an ECM solution that can be easily integrated with SAP.

The company reviewed several solutions but Dox-Pro was the only solution that came with clear and simple answers to all Colmobil requests.

The implementation phase was fast. Colmobil estimation was for 150,000 documents per year to be archived by Dox-Pro. After two years of operation, more than one million documents are in the system archive and the pace is growing on a monthly basis when new departments are implementing the solution.

At this moment 60 users in Colmobil has full license and about 1,000 more got a viewer license and it is growing. Colmobil use intensively the barcode-assisted-filing procedure of DOX-Pro, and most archiving actions are done automatically. All documents transactions update the SAP application and receive data from SAP assisting document management in DOX-Pro.

When asked Gil Katz, the company’s CIO said:

“Dox-Pro succeeded in providing us with a solution which improves the service we provide to our customers in the show-rooms where we sell our vehicles.”

He also added:

“They managed to do this by advanced automation of working processes with our customers and efficient documents management in the cumbersome process of selling an imported vehicle”

Today Colmobil’s system manager is responsible for all internal developments and customization of Dox-Pro solution without the need for expensive external help to implement Dox-Pro in new departments or new processes.

“We are happy with the results and the cost/benefit ratio is the best we could have thought of”. We are in process is expanding the use to the workshops and other departments.

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