Branches and Headquarters

As DOX-Pro is web-based and is accessed via a browser, any transaction performed by any user of the organization is effective immediately. The users access the system on the organizational LAN or via VPN, and their actions updates DOX-Pro server regardless of their location.

So if you have an international real-estate business, and DOX-Pro keeps all contracts, leases, licenses, bills and receipts for you, the following tasks now become easier:

1. A worker in the Amsterdam branch scans in a contract. Legal department in notified automatically. The contract is available for them to review, make notes, and set statuses.
2. A worker in operations queries DOX-Pro for all fire department certificate of fitness expiring in the next quarter. She gets a list of all the relevant buildings; she can filter it by location, branch, responsible contact or whatever.
3. A branch is reviewing an applicant for administrative position, and file his/her CV. It is now also available to HR department in HQ.

and so on.
Similar models apply to traveling representatives of any kind, supplier relations (you can have their statements archived automatically, shipment documents of goods arriving to warehouses or what have you. Think about a common archive, and do it with DOX-Pro.

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