Albar – Auto leasing

“Bottom line – The DOX-Pro system paid itself in 3 months!”

Albar is a leading company in leasing cars to companies, car flit management, car sales and trade in.
It has 15 branches in Israel, an inventory of tens of thousands of cars, thousands of customers and around 600 employees.
Albar’s CIO: “We were looking for a system to support our business requirements. Our operation involves many complicated processes that are loaded with documents, that need to be captured and has a life cycle to be controlled, such as customers, drivers, vehicles, car services and police tickets”.
“Other challenges we have are controlling the processes and document transition between the various branches and offices. What we finally found out is that the DOX-Pro capability of retrieving documents quickly, with a large volume of documents including accidents pictures, at any location, enables us the ability to take quick decisions and successfully control the process”.
“After checking and analyzing the alternatives in the market while visiting some satisfied customers, we found out that the DOX-Pro flexibility and its full use of the internet technology will probably provide Albar with quick ROI at low risk”.
Our integrator testifies that complying with Albar’s short project demand, they use a method of “rapid deployment” and made the first step in 6 days, and the main phase of automating the processes came right after in two weeks, including implementation of the OMR add on (Optical mark recognition).
“… The technology of DOX-Pro and the product flexibility allows to quickly adopting the system to the organizational structure, the organization “language” and the processes.”
Albar’s CIO asserts that the company plans to use more functions of the system, to be deployed in other departments and about to integrate to the main back office system, using DOX-Pro‘s integration tools.

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