About DMS

DMS Consultancy International LTD – Company story

The area of ECM becomes more and more central in the IT business, and DMS Consultancy LTD made its goal to provide simple, straight-forward solutions to the growing demand.

DMS was established late 2010, for international marketing of an ECM software package, the DoxPro, and is fast growing player in the ECM market place.

Legacy versions of DoxPro are already serving many companies in several countries in the insurance, finance and automotive industries.
The product is having the functionality of all the market leaders (IBM file-net, Documentum…), but is much easier and quicker to implement, has better OCR (using ABBYY) and better performance. As the price can also be much lower, we believe we can take our market share.

DMS has already distributors in Romania, Netherlands, Israel and Turkey, and we’re constantly looking for new business partners.
We have established a road map for 3 years, Issuing one main version a year and few upgrades during each. We have a strong development team and support service 7/24.

We are partnering with main add-on vendors and can integrate with main enterprise packages in the market.
With all this we are becoming a main option for the SMI market place allowing this level of market share to enjoy the same functionality with a reasonable cost and very fast ROI.