A supplier’s invoice arrives at the front desk

How can DOX-Pro assist in the most common task of the arrival of an invoice? Here’s how it works:

a. The receptionist scans the invoice and marks it as “supplier invoice”, than places it in the “Inbound Tray” in DoxPro, which is the only location he/she are authorized to access.
b. DoxPro automatically initiates the workflow associated with a “supplier invoice” and alerts an employee in operations.
c. The operations worker views the invoice on DoxPro. She fills necessary details and moves it from “Inbound Tray” to the supplier’s file on DoxPro.
d. DoxPro creates a new task and alerts the next user – from the finance department.
e. And so on…

• The invoice was scanned once and is immediately available to whom it concerns.
• Each user involved operates within his/her authorizations and exposure domain.
• The involved employees do not have to inform each other of their actions or keep manual track of pending tasks.

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